We create art in motion. From a speck to the flow of a dance, we attend to intricate details to make your story visually appealing. With creative ideas and innovative approaches, we use our design skills to bring your vision to life. We aim at being a leading video and animation studio in Bangalore, by creating a masterpiece with every project. 

Bosch – GSR 180 Li Launch Video

Through the GSR 180 Li launch video, we portrayed the powerful Bosch cordless tool by visually representing it through a human element in the form of a ‘super-hero’ working with the tool.

Bosch – Future Connected 2017 Theme Video

We designed a 360° integrated campaign for Bosch’s Future Connected 2017 event. From key visuals and theme video to digital promotions and merchandise, we created a vibrant atmosphere the audience could connect with.

Bosch – 12 V Launch Animation Video

We gave life to the Bosch 12V battery by introducing it as an animated ‘super-hero’ character. We weaved an engaging story around the various features of the product.

Bosch – GSR 180 Li Behind the Scene Video

We filmed all the stages of production and behind the scene look of the Bosch GSR 180 Li launch film. This was our first in-house video project.

KREO 2018 Year in Review

Since we had more than one reason to celebrate in the year 2018, we had to show it on the reel.

KREO Design & Innovation Testimonial for In-Store Asia 2018

#KREODesign has been narrating meaningful #BrandStories. We have been fortunate to work with some of the best in the country. See what our clients think about our journey with them! #DesignThinking #HappyClients