At KREO, we believe in using our innovation and creativity across platforms, to create a vibrant and customised landscape for your brand. Across the social media spectrum, we help your brand identify and connect to its niche audience. We come up with innovative strategies for your brand, to reap the most from social media by reaching the masses. Inching towards the top, we aim at becoming the top digital marketing agency in Bangalore.

Bosch – #FutureConnected Campaign

From conceptualisation of the campaign to developing the posts to make it reach a large audience, we did it all for Bosch’s Future Connected Conclave. We reached out to more than 51lakh people on the social media platforms and the hashtag of the event – #FutureConnected trended making the campaign a huge success.

Bosch – #Hackathon

We powered this campaign for Bosch Hackathon event by conceptualising a ‘super-hero’ theme around it. And as we expected, it was a huge success. The hashtag trended at number three, engaging more than 45,000 followers. The contest that we executed as a part of the campaign received a lot of organic impressions.

Bosch – Technology Exposition

Our campaign for Bosch Technology Exposition harnessed a reach of 12lakh social media buffs with the hashtag trending at the third position. We also engaged followers with an interesting contest on the theme.

Bosch – #InventedForLife Campaign

This campaign was an interesting challenge for us as it required a ‘never-before’ approach. We weaved a concept which showed how nature inspires Bosch to innovate. We developed creatives which were thought-provoking and gripped a lot of attention from the followers.

Bosch – #PeopleForPaapa Campaign

For the #PeopleForPaapa campaign by Bosch, we were charged with the responsibility to take the initiative to the mass audience. With the help of visually appealing creatives, we engaged with more than 50,000 followers.

Scania – Green Bus Launch Campaign

Moving towards a sustainable solution for urban transportation, Scania had launched the Green Bus, the first bioethanol fuelled bus in India. We designed and executed the launch campaign and took it to their audience present on social media.

Scania – #TravelWithScania Campaign

This campaign was weaved with the aim of highlighting the routes and destinations where Scania buses would operate. The visual representation of the posts shows the synergy between the brand and its presence in India.

Scania – #WeekendWithScania Campaign

Keeping the engagement on. This campaign for Scania took the brand closer to its audience. With the help of picturesque creatives, we encouraged the followers to engage with travelling and environment healthy habits.

Talin – Brand Posts

Realising the importance of brand presence on social media platforms these days, we took the charge to introduce Talin on the social media. From establishing the brand identity to administering their pages we are taking Talin to its target audience.

The Address Makers – Father’s Day Campaign

A dedicated campaign around Father’s Day was designed and executed by us for The Address Makers.

The Address Makers – Independence Day Campaign

An exceptional campaign conceptualised and designed by us for The Address Makers for a week-long celebration of patriotism.

The Address Makers – World Tourism Day Campaign

We took the social media followers of The Address Makers on a tour around the world with appealing posts. This campaign brought out the true essence of the brand supporting the World Tourism Day.

The Address Makers – #GoGreen Campaign

Going green with social media posts. We designed this engaging campaign for The Address Makers and highlighted their support for the cause.