We realise that the retail environment is a dynamic space. A space that will draw people and spark them into action. A highly competitive arena, retail spaces offer brands an opportunity to stand out from the clutter. As a leading design agency in Bangalore, we give your brand its signature space to thrive. From retail displays and in-store events to innovative props, we bring a distinct perspective to retail design.

We understand the power of the visual medium. Visual Merchandising has become highly sought after, with brands constantly upgrading their designs and strategies. We develop, deliver and communicate high-impact visual concepts and strategies that will take your brand a notch higher.

Titan Raga & Masaba – Airport & Window Display

Traditional-meets-quirk with Titan Raga Masaba collection. We reproduced this essence by designing the pop-up display at the T2 International Airport, Mumbai. Our objective was to create an impactful brand identity that reflects the amalgamation of a timeless era and modern art.

Titan Raga & Masaba – Window Display
Titan Raga & Masaba – Airport Installation Design
Titan Raga & Masaba – Window Display 1
Titan Raga & Masaba – Window Display 2

Dixcy Scott – Visual Experience Hall

We weaved a seamless visual story for Dixcy Scott’s new office. We set up the visual experience hall, a dedicated zone to showcase the brand’s collection with strategic product positioning and visual merchandising.

Dixcy Scott – Visual Experience Hall 1
Dixcy Scott – Visual Experience Hall 2
Dixcy Scott – Visual Experience Hall 3
Dixcy Scott – Visual Experience Hall 4

Titan Raga Espana – Window Display

The folkloric music tradition from Southern Spain finds its way to India. Inspired by the Flamenco, our designers took to the drawing board to envisage the representation through a flamboyant window display design.

Titan - espana window display
Titan Raga Espana – Window Display
Titan Raga Espana – Mall Installation
Titan Raga Espana – In-Store Activity Zone Design

Crocs – Shop-in-Shop

Our spatial experience design for Crocs embellished the brand values and evoked a sense of vibrancy. Taking into account the functional requirement of the shop-in-shop installation, we harmonised the aesthetics of the brand logo.

KREO Design | Crocs – Shop-in-Shop 1
KREO Branding Agency | Crocs – Shop-in-Shop 2
KREO Design | Crocs – Shop-in-Shop 3
Crocs – Shop-in-Shop 4

CP Farm Fresh – Store Design

Our work for CP Farm Fresh, a leader in agro-industry included logo design, store design, product packaging, fixture design, point-of-sale visual merchandising and many more. The designs of these end-to-end solutions got us featured in a Pool Magazine.

KREO Design | CP Farm Fresh – Store Exterior Design
CP Farm Fresh – Store Interior Design 1
CP Farm Fresh – Store Interior Design 2
KREO Design Bangalore | CP Farm Fresh – Store Interior Design 3

Bosch – DIY Store Design

Making the Do It Yourself experience count. We laid out an experiential store where visitors would get a first-hand experience of the wide range of Bosch Power Tools.

KREO Design | Bosch – DIY Store Design 1
Bosch – DIY Store Design 2
Bosch – DIY Store Design 3
Bosch – DIY Store Design 4

Helios – Window Display

We came up with unique ideas and conceptualised an innovative window display, brand directory and wall panels to set up a trendy atmosphere at the Helios store.

KREO Design | helios window display revised front view
helios window display revised
helios window display side view

Titan – WE – Window Display

Our window display for Titan Raga’s WE collection highlights the cityscape and the product’s smart and universal features tailor-made for urban women.

titan we mockup
Titan WE – Window Display 2
Titan WE – Window Display 3
Titan WE – Window Display 4

Pigeon – PoP Design

Every retail space presents an opportunity for the brand to express itself. We crafted some interesting PoP designs to enhance the brand appeal of Pigeon products.

KREO Design | Pigeon – PoP Design 1
Pigeon – PoP Design 2
Pigeon – PoP Design 3
Pigeon – PoP Design 4


Nebula window mockup
wedding window display mockup
Colgate - Aisle Design
Colgate - Interactive Aisle Design
Glucon D - Retail Fixture Design 1
Glucon D - Retail Fixture Design
Heinz - Retail Fixture Design
Heinz - Table Top Display
Bosch PoP Design 1
Nikon - Branding Lama
Heinz - Retail Fixture Design 1
Heinz - Retail Fixture Design