Every brand has a unique story and we at KREO leverage our design strength to bring these stories to life. Growing into one of the leading branding agencies in Bangalore, we enable your brand to discover its essence and create a niche identity.
Our portfolio includes leading global and national brands for whom we have enjoyed providing our services.

Sterling Holidays – Brand Manual

We defined and articulated the essence of a hospitality brand by designing a comprehensive brand manual for Sterling Holidays.

Sterling Holidays – Anaikatti Resort Branding

‘Anaikatti by the Siruvani’ is a resort in Kerala, by Sterling Holidays. We aimed at creating a strong brand identity by developing the logo, which would reflect the nature of the resort and the demography of the destination. The logo was designed in such a manner so that it could be adapted to an array of collateral and merchandise.

Bosch – Brand Campaign

We developed a 360° brand activation as a part of the Bosch brand campaign. From interior branding for metro-stations and airports in Delhi and Mumbai to hoardings, print ads and boarding passes, we designed it all.

Facebook – Mobillion Awards

Facebook and Unilever together came up with the Mobillion Award to recognise and appreciate creative minds. Matching the theme, we established a nomenclature, developed a mnemonic, devised a playbook and designed certificate and the trophy.

Fresh Churn – Branding & Packaging Design

Giving it a dash of fun and yet relating to the brand essence! We came up with the logo and packaging designs for Fresh Churn, a dairy brand which affirms the quality and freshness of the product it sells.

Bosch – Canteen Branding

In our mission to portray the science of food making, we narrated various situations that could possibly occur in a Bosch canteen. The murals, in form of interesting illustrations, created a fun and engaging atmosphere for the associates to indulge in.

Reliance – Mission Kurukshetra Awards

Winning the battle for brand leadership! For Reliance’s Mission Kurukshetra Annual Awards, we designed the trophy, certificate and other event branding collateral which perfectly symbolised the true meaning of the award ceremony.

Reliance – Innovation Awards

Reliance Innovation Award celebrates the spirit of being and making the impossible, possible. For their spree of celebration, we developed the logo, certificate and trophy design complementing the power of their innovation.

Sterling Holidays – Corporate Office Design

It was interesting to create an office experience design for Sterling Holidays around the theme of ‘Dream. Explore. Experience.’. We gave their office a refreshing makeover with a blend of innovative design thinking, vibrant colours and exciting elements.