KREO Team Celebration

What’s up at Kreo?

The month of October at Kreo has been nothing short of eventful. Even with the air of festivity and celebration surrounding the office, it was not surprising that the teams doubled up on fuel to get the job done on time and also with a little extra motivation from Darshita.

Amidst the excitement of Dusshera and Diwali, came a flood of projects and last minute deadlines. Bosch had a busy month of events and creative designing where Kreo chipped in, in a big way. Hackathon 2016 saw huge turnout and traction as the city’s most innovative minds gathered to build the future of technology. Kreo’s key role both online and off was evident in the success of the event. Shine with Bosch held in Chandigarh, was completed with aplomb and the product showcase was well received. Beyond Mobility 2016 built huge impressions both at the event and on a digital level and trended on Twitter for its tag, #BeyondMobility2016.

facebook mobility 2016

Creative by Kreo Design & Innovation

The second month of the #Scania125 campaign focused on sustainability, which was carried out successfully with the help of the design team’s creative direction and the digital team’s analytical foresight to truly represent the evolution of Scania over decades.


Creative by Kreo Design & Innovation

Showing her appreciation for the hard work put in during the month, Darshita took the team out to celebrate the holidays as well as give them a night to unwind. Seated comfortably at Warehouse, Indiranagar, spirits were high and laughter was heard across departments as everyone from every team shed their inhibitions and shared a common camaraderie over food, anecdotes, and dancing that went on well into the night. It was the ice breaker that was needed, that also led to stronger teamwork and a general respect for the individual work put in to make Kreo what it is today.

KREO Team at Warehouse

Members of the Kreo team at Warehouse, Indiranagar

As we, at Kreo, will fondly take forward with us all that had passed that month, we will also cherish the trials and shortcomings and use it to grow together. Because as we all know, there is no ‘I’ in TEAM.


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