Where Design meets Innovation: The story of Kreo

Among the many startups that have sprung up in the IT haven of Bangalore, there is one young creative design agency that strives to stand out from the rest for its innovative ideas and resilience to perfection. That young firm is, Kreo.

Darshita Thaker, an alumna of NID, started Kreo as an ambitious project from her home back in early 2013. Running this one-woman company on her own, her disposition towards functional design coupled with her understanding of the entire branding spectrum, has helped propel Kreo into a multi-disciplinary agency with one of the most creative design teams.

Fast-forward three years later, Kreo is now an innovative design agency in Bangalore with the distinction of having worked with some of the most prolific brands in the industry like Bosch, Scania, Fischer, Crocs, and Sterling Holidays, to name a few. Keeping perfection in mind and a keen eye for details, Kreo can now boast of having played a huge role in some of the biggest events in terms of visual design and digital marketing across the country. When it comes to experience, in a short span of time, Kreo has tread the FMCG, fashion, retail, e-commerce, engineering and electronics industry spaces, leaving nothing beyond its perspective.

Kreo, which means creation, is a true reflection of what the firm stands for. It is a space where vivid minds come together to find functional solutions versus focusing on the medium of output. The core strength lies in approaching projects from a cross-functional perspective, helping clients realize design standpoints that solve their requirements as a whole.

Kreo’s end goal is to innovate, to tell your brand story to the masses, and to create experiences that endure beyond results. Visualizing with the belief that process and collaboration should be as exciting from start to finish.


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