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Market it, the Live way!

live way imageWith the launch of Live 360, Periscope, and Instagram Live, comes a whole new medium to maximize engagement and shares on your favourite Social Network. Live videos are the new ‘What’s new?’ in the world of networking and allows the viewer a window into worldwide experiences in real-time.

Making its debut in 2015, this Live broadcast app was made free and available to any individual or business as a tool to increase interaction, requiring only a video camera and decent internet connection. In addition to being able to live-stream, viewers could also react and comment as the video streams to boost engagement.

While this application is great for building followers for personal pages, it is even better for businesses of all sizes to market their brand, product, or event. It comes with advanced options that include choosing your audience, edits, keyword inserts, and a stream of viewer data.

Instagram live feature depicting image

Instagram Live is the new Live ins the world of Social Media

Its ever growing potential, makes it a handy tool for marketers to develop informative content strategies and fine-tune their communication with the audience of their choice, significantly raising the level of reach in digital marketing.

Statistics in 2015 alone show a 44% increase in live video posts from big media companies within the top 500 Facebook pages and an additional 11% growth since January according to amajor social media metric company.

Top 3 ways you can optimize Facebook Live:

  1. Upload a snippet of daily updates.
  2. Live-stream events.
  3. Shoot behind the scenes to give them a glimpse of backstage productions.


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