With a pinch of AR and a dash of VR

Meet Shubh & Labh

Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), the India-based worldwide conglomerate, decided to introduce two virtual employees to its people – ‘Shubh’ and ‘Labh’ – in order to create awareness amongst their employees about various company schemes and policies in a relatable, people-friendly manner. These characters were created to reach out to everyone within the greater Reliance family and educate them about the many benefits the organization offers besides monetary compensation. Animated dialogues between the two make for an endearing display. We, at KREO Design & Innovation, saw an opportunity to add value to this initiative and bolster Shubh and Labh’s engagement with the RIL family.

A Special Occasion

Shubh and Labh recently turned four years old. Now, since they’re fictional characters and not real people, we weren’t quite able to give them the customary birthday bumps, but still, we had to celebrate four incredibly successful years of this game-changing initiative by Reliance. So, our creative team did a little tango and decided to dabble in the high-tech domain. We proposed an augmented reality (AR) video to celebrate Shubh and Labh’s 4th birthday. Our intent was to showcase Shubh and Labh’s journey with RIL, their growth within the organization as well as their impact on the RIL family, all the while celebrating their 4th birthday.


The Argument for AR

  1. AR integrates modern technology for effective communication: AR creates a sense of excitement in the minds of viewers since it’s still a relatively rare technology to actually come across despite the fact that it’s on everyone’s lips.
  2. AR creates a rich, immersive, engaging and interactive user experience: AR helps the user absorb the content with a desirable degree of control and customization, making it an instant attention-grabber.
  3. AR is quite flexible in nature: An AR video has a very large spectrum of possibilities to choose from, thus making it a highly dynamic and flexible tool of corporate communication.

Below is the preview of the same:

To experience Shubh Labh AR project live visit:

The KREO Cutting-Edge

KREO believes in bringing a scientific approach to art, design, and creativity, and this is the exact methodology we adopted for the Shubh and Labh AR video. The first thing on the drawing board was to draft a script for the video, which would then be followed by a visual storyboard that delved into the overall mood and tone of the video. The storyboard comprised specifically illustrated characters and scenarios with the precise placement of dialogues and effects. Post-approvals, our team commenced with animating the characters and scenarios, which were then incorporated into the AR platform to create an augmented reality experience.

The Best Real-Virtual Birthday Bash

The AR experience allowed employees to click pictures individually or in groups along with Shubh and Labh in the frame with celebratory banners. The video was viewed by more than 2200 people on the day of its launch and is still being viewed by employees. As a full-service creative agency, our greatest source of inspiration is client delight, and in this case, the client had to note that, “The AR video created for Shubh & Labh was a first-of-its-kind experiential video. It generated a great level of excitement amongst our people, and the response was simply fantastic!”. Another wrap and another success story in our extensive collection.


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