KREO Design - Bosch CSR Coffee Table Book

Bringing Transformational Stories to Life – For Bosch

Bosch, the leading supplier in engineering and technology solutions, has made significant inroads into India, not only with regards to its leading-edge suite of products and services, but also with holistic outreach programmes that have helped Bosch build a steady presence in the country. Its CSR initiatives, collectively known as the ‘Bosch India Social Engagement’, have gone on to touch many lives across the country with meaningful, profound and positive impact.

There was, however, one problem – the Bosch India Social Engagement lacked a ‘single source of truth’. Bosch’s many CSR initiatives lacked one voice and a common narrative. That’s where the creative team at KREO Design & Innovation stepped in – to articulate and showcase the company’s CSR engagements in an attractive hardcover format. Along with setting the context for CSR interventions, the meticulously designed Coffee Table Book would bring to life a collection of transformational stories that are underway across the country through Bosch’s social engagement programmes.

KREO Design - CSR Book Social Media Campaign

We proposed a thematic approach, ‘For Life – Bosch India Social Engagement’, which had an undertone of human connect and was truly personal. Every story in the book had an emotional string to it which was intelligently weaved with the right balance of storytelling and infographics. Coming to the design aspect, we wanted to give the Coffee Table Book a simple, clean layout that was easy on the eyes. An organic look-and-feel was achieved by applying a flexible grid system and was carried out across the book across the cover page, inside pages and illustrations.

A key challenge was to translate the complex information, numbers and the vast array of individual projects into an easy-to-understand and visually impactful format. Its simple design allows readers to flow through the pages with natural, uncomplicated ease. We used a subtle design language with grunge textures on the paper to give a human essence to it. By use of handwritten excerpts spread throughout, we were able to add a personalized touch to the whole project.

Simplicity in Innovation

It turns out that Bosch and KREO have a similar approach to innovation – we like to keep things simple. Scenarios were shot in its natural setting and no ‘posed photographs’ were used other than team photos. The result was a Coffee Table Book with an earthy feel and high emotional value which resonated with the general audience and key stakeholders alike.

Too Long, Didn’t Read – After collating exhaustive information and data from around the country, it was up to us to consolidate everything into a ‘single source of truth’ that effectively told the story of Bosch’s CSR efforts in the country. It was important for the overall communication to strike the right balance between substance and style.

The Endgame

The Coffee Table Book encompasses the full spectrum of Bosch’s social interventions and has become a handy reference point for all stakeholders and anyone who is interested to learn more about its CSR initiatives in the country. It has effectively become a ‘single source of truth’ for the ‘Bosch India Social Engagement’, and a measure of its impact across the country as it engages readers and brings to life inspirational stories that have a strong emotional appeal.


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