360-degree Integrated Solutions

Kreo is known as the young startup that provides a range of services across the design spectrum. We believe that everything can be better, which is why we do what we do. Keeping that in mind, here is a list of all the services we provide:


BRANDING  We bring your brand to life.


We leverage our design strengths and extend the creative boundaries to create a brand identity which is consistent, unique and fresh.



RETAIL DESIGN  We realise that the retail environment is a dynamic space. A space that will draw people and spark them into action.


From retail displays and in-store events to innovative props, we bring a distinct perspective to retail design.



VISUAL MERCHANDISING  We understand the power of the visual medium.


We develop, deliver and communicate high-impact visual concepts and strategies that will take your brand to the next level.



SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING  We create a vibrant and customised landscape for your brand that will help it leverage and benefit from the power of social media.

the address marker

Across platforms and diverse touch points, we will enable your brand to discover its audience, connect with customers and add a new dimension to its presence.

show your granditude


EXHIBITION DESIGN  We listen, we design and we deliver. We blend ideas and insights to create strong design perspectives that will make your exhibition space truly unique.

bosch exhibition

From concept to execution, we offer you a fast, reliable and hassle-free exhibition setup experience.



CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT & ACTIVATION  We fuse the power of ideas with information to create compelling personal experiences that allow our clients to delight and attract more customers.

customer engagement and interaction

customer engagement and experience case study


It’s our job to push, to challenge. As long as we’re on brand and on strategy, we push our people to create work that’s unique. Our creative is our product. We care about it long after the ink has dried.


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