With a pinch of AR and a dash of VR Meet Shubh & Labh Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), the India-based worldwide conglomerate, decided to introduce two virtual employees to its people – ‘Shubh’ and ‘Labh’ – in order to create awareness amongst their employees about various company schemes and policies in a relatable, people-friendly manner.

KREO Design - Bosch CSR Coffee Table Book

Bringing Transformational Stories to Life – For Bosch

Bosch, the leading supplier in engineering and technology solutions, has made significant inroads into India, not only with regards to its leading-edge suite of products and services, but also with holistic outreach programmes that have helped Bosch build a steady presence in the country. Its CSR initiatives, collectively known as the ‘Bosch India Social Engagement’,

KREO’s Retail Design Solutions

The Journey of KREO’s Retail Design Solutions

In-Store Asia 2018 Witnesses A Unique Display Our work on different retail design projects from companies like Heinz, Crocs, Titan, Tropicana and many others have added value to our portfolio. That’s one of the reasons why we decided to showcase our strengths in one of India’s renowned trade show – In-Store Asia 2018. This event,

Bosch – DIY Store Design 4

Your store is our blank canvas: Design store-ies

Kreo transforms your retail space from shopping to an experience, through the magic of innovative design.   In a generation where shopping has become synonymous with e-commerce, it is retail stores that take the biggest hit. An online presence that reaches out to millions with less than half the investment is tough to compete with;

Social Marketing trending 2017

Social Media predicts marketing boom for 2017

Over the years, social media has transcended from a mere networking tool to playing an increasingly pivotal role in marketing and advertisement. This boom is a direct result of its ability to reach millions of target groups and its selective demographic features, making it both feasible and highly effective. Statistics from 2016 is a conclusive

Live Video trends social marketing

Market it, the Live way!

With the launch of Live 360, Periscope, and Instagram Live, comes a whole new medium to maximize engagement and shares on your favourite Social Network. Live videos are the new ‘What’s new?’ in the world of networking and allows the viewer a window into worldwide experiences in real-time. Making its debut in 2015, this Live